You’re Going to Quit Your Job. But First . . .

Does it ever feel like your job is really a prison? If it does, then you’re thinking about quitting as you read this. It’s a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if.’

Sometimes we are miserable because the work is not stimulating. Or because we do not feel valued or appreciated. Or we’re sick of the politics. Or because we have a crappy boss. Or maybe all of the above.

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who LOVES what she does, feels completely respected and valued, and has a boss who helps her stretch, grow, and increase responsibilities and salary. But you still have this nagging vision, an idea that you see such a vivid market for, and you want to do THAT.

Whichever situation is more familiar, it will ultimately lead to quitting your job in favor of starting your own business. (Or maybe you just need a different job. Not sure? Take my free quiz here.)

But first — I mean BEFORE YOU QUIT — there is so, so much you can do on someone else’s dime.

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