Women Strong – Keeping the Faith

As women embark on a new unknown this year, it’s more important than ever that we Keep the Faith in ourselves and in each other.

Women respecting others. Women listening to others. Women encouraging others. Women exhibiting kindness. Women standing together.

This is how we progress. This is how we move forward. This is how we weather tough times.

So if you don’t have a community of women in your support circle, BUILD one! It will change your life. Promise!

When I ejected from corporate America, I did not have a support system of women in my community. I found being a business owner even lonelier than being a Peace Corps Volunteer. The businesswomen I knew were all ‘corporate types,’ as I had been. And they didn’t have a clue how to support me. Some thought I was crazy to have left the ‘security’ of my J.O.B. [Read my thoughts about the oxymoron ‘Job Security.’]

So I went looking for a community. I joined – online, sight unseen – the National Association of Women Business Owners, aka NAWBO. In it, I found my first support circle of women who understood what I was going through.  [Full disclosure – I have belonged to NAWBO for 14 years, and have served locally as chapter president, as a member of the National Board of Directors, and as Chair of the Presidents’ Assembly leading the presidents and presidents-elect of our 60 chapters across the US.]

My NAWBO sisters showed me generosity and openness. Frankly, it was a new experience to find people who have such an abundance-based mindset, not fearing that if I had success that it would somehow jeopardize theirs. Furthermore, they wanted me to succeed, and held out their hands to help.

Build Your Own Circle

Your circle doesn’t need to be so formalized as a membership organization. You can find a small group of women in your neighborhood or as close as your nearest coffee shop. It can be as few as three people. What is important is that you agree on what outcome you’re looking for from your relationship. Accountability, support, lead sharing – as long as your purpose serves each person, you will all benefit. You can meet regularly — weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, whatever frequency fits your needs. You might meet face-to-face or virtually online (even with wine – yes!). Keep checking in with each other to see that the direction your group is taking is serving each person.

Join Our Circle

If you don’t have access to such a group, or your current situation doesn’t permit you to form one, you’re not out of luck. You have access to any number of groups on Facebook. And that includes our Fugees Tribe! We have a growing community of aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs eager to listen to you and share. You can learn more here!

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