The Case for Rest & Relaxation

As you are reading this, I’m at the beach getting some Rest & Relaxation.

Each year, my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary by returning to the scene of our marriage on the beach in Florida. Anticipating this week has been a powerful motivator the past several months for me. And anticipation is, in its own way, as important as the experience. Almost.

Now if you are one of those business owners who says you cannot leave your business, we have other things to discuss. You CAN escape if you make it a priority. It actually adds value to your business if you demonstrate that you are not essential to your operation. (Sounds counterintuitive but it’s true!) And if you don’t get some downtime somewhere, it will not end well. This is why I advise my clients to learn to integrate their priorities, and make rest and relaxation a priority.

Women business owners and entrepreneurs need R&R perhaps more than others. We share the ‘gift’ of parallel life responsibilities that make concepts like work-life balance unrealistic. Alas, too many of my pals end up continuing their craziness when they finally get a holiday. All that changes in their day-to-day is the location, as the responsibilities for meals, kids, transportation, planning, etc follow wherever we go.

That’s why I feel the need to plan for simplicity while vacationing. We eat out in the evenings so no shopping, cooking, cleaning, or planning. Our ‘kids’ still at home have 4-legs, so as long as we (I) arrange for housesitting, no worries. And we travel with intentions to spend time on the beach and at the pool, so clothing needs are few. It leaves time to play games, SLEEP, go for walks, SLEEP, laugh at silliness – oh the benefits of LAUGHTER! – SLEEP, reconnect, SLEEP, read…you get the idea. For a full 8 days.

What are YOU anticipating that keeps you going when the going gets tough? How will you apply your own oxygen mask? My hope for you is a time that allows you the level of refreshment and restoration that will make you an even stronger and more resilient business owner.

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