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Are you READY to be your own Boss?

Do you think you might want to be an entrepreneur? What does that mean to you? Take our free entrepreneur quiz to find out if you have what it takes.

If you think want to be an entrepreneur, or you have a great business idea, or you feel like you just DON’T FIT in that corporate job, you might just be a Corp Fugee!

Take the quiz below to find out your readiness and where you are on the Entrepreneur Continuum.

How ready are you to be an entrepreneur?

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Which statement best fits your current situation?

If you are transitioning from a job to start a business, when are you planning to make the change?

How long have you been thinking about starting your own business?

What are the top THREE (3) reasons you want to start your own business? [SELECT THREE]

Do you have in mind a business you want to start?

Do you have LOTS of ideas for a business you want to start?

Do you have the skills you need to start this business?

Does the business you want to start use the same skills and abilities you’re using in your current/most recent job?

How many family members have or have had their own business?

Do you know any other women who’ve left their corporate gig to start their own business?

Do you know any women entrepreneurs?

How many people have you talked with about your business idea?

Have you ever tried to start a business before?

Do you have a written plan for the business you want to start/have started?

How many months' cash reserve do you have?

Do you know the $ amount of the monthly household expenses you are responsible for (e.g., mortgage, insurance, food, etc)?

When you’re passionate about something how many people do you tell about it?

Which of these words have others used to describe you? [SELECT ALL THAT APPLY]

What do you expect your income to be for the first 12 months after starting your new business?

What is your expected income at Year 5 after starting your business?

How does the prospect of owning your own business make you feel right now?

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