Hi, I’m Nancy Chorpenning (core-PEN-ing),  I am a Corporate Refugee, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, woman business owner, small business evangelist, millennial mind in a boomer body, and an advocate for women entrepreneurs. This is my story.

With more than 20 years’ executive management experience in corporations from Time Warner  to start-ups like WebMD, I started my own first business in 2006. Upon exiting WebMD in 2005, I discovered for the first time the pivotal role small businesses play in the American economy. It was a SHOCK to learn that more than 99% of all businesses ARE small businesses (fewer than 500 employees) and provide half of all private sector jobs! Our global economy depends on entrepreneurs to carry out the risky new ideas, since Corporate America is truly averse to most risk.

My First Small Business

I started my company, C-Suite Advisors, in 2006. Upon realizing that a disproportionate number of small businesses fail, I was determined to do something to change that depressing statistic. Thus began my journey as a passionate evangelist for Building Small Businesses.

While working with my C-Suite Advisors clients, I learned that the playing field that is uneven for women in Corporate America is not level for female entrepreneurs either. I’ve enjoyed focusing my services on meeting the needs of women business owners. Now I’m committed to helping newly-minted women entrepreneurs — Corporate Refugees – aka, Corp Fugees –  just as I had been — make a smoother transition from their corporate positions to create and grow their own dream business.


Entrepreneurs need and want practical business advice that works, not just management theory. We all need help with identifying the RIGHT business issues, and the RIGHT times, and also support working through and implementing efficient, time-tested practices and solutions.

My ability to see “the big picture,” create compelling visions, diagnose performance gaps, analyze root causes, and develop plans for change are put to great use. My core competencies such as developing creative business models, business planning and development, financial and strategic business modeling, advice and mentoring, change management, sales and marketing, cost reduction and profit improvement include skills that can benefit entrepreneur business owners.

It is my mission to improve the success statistics of women business owners, and the best way to do that is from the beginning stages. If we end up rewriting the rules of business with women in mind, for a change, so be it! Let’s GO!


And I am so blessed to say that I married my very best friend and soul mate, Paul, on Cinco de Mayo 2012 on the beach in Florida, and we reside in Atlanta. We are proud parents to four grown daughters and two four-legged felines.

Giving Back

As part of my giving back, I served on the national Board of Directors of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) on the Executive Committee as Chair of Governance. I’ve been active in the organization for the past 13 years, including in the Atlanta Chapter of NAWBO where I served as Chapter President, 6 years on the Executive Committee of NAWBO Atlanta’s Board of Directors, establishing the Education committee, and architecting the NAWBO CEO Roundtable program.

Access to Capital for EntrepreneursMinority Access to Capital

I have also been serving on the Advisory Board for a microlending nonprofit, Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs (ACE), and the Strategic Advisory Board for Minority Access to Capital, as well as being on the Small Business Council of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce where I also designed their CEO Roundtable program.

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