How to Leave Your Job to Build a Business

Do you dream of creating a change with a product or service that you create and sell? If your current job is not providing the satisfaction or fulfillment you want from your life’s work, perhaps it’s time to think about going out on your own. Are you ready to leave your job?

Maybe not quite yet.

Where do you begin?

To start, do not leave that job before having a clear roadmap for your business launch. Here are some resources to help.

First, think about your ‘why.’ Are you just wanting to quit your job, or do you affirmatively know something you want to do that you are great at? If you are miserable at work, what are the factors contributing to your dissatisfaction? Are you clear about what interests and talents will bring you the fulfillment you seek? [A great starting place is the CorpFugees’ Discover Your Passion Assessment.]

Second, after you are clear about your ‘highest and best good,’ ask yourself if you have the risk tolerance, skills, and resources to start a business? [Have you taken our QUIZ: Are You Ready to be an Entrepreneur (aka Corporate Fugee)?]

Third, there’s a reason no one ends up with the business they set out to build. We begin with a hypothesis that may or may not prove valid. Do you take the time to validate your assumptions? If not, you are destined to waste time and money, with no guarantee of business survival. Technology has given us the practice of the ‘lean startup’ to help avoid such consequence. (There are great books and articles if you want to learn more about Lean Startup.)

Most important, though, is to be clear about your plan while you still have an income (unless you are a trust fund baby), to alleviate the stress financial woes may cause. If it isn’t necessary, how about saving your energy to build that next great business! It takes time to work on that roadmap, but the process is one you will use over and over again as a business owner.

If you want help creating that roadmap, grab your copy of the 5-Step Practically Painless Business Plan Kit.

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