Is Fear of the Unknown Blocking Your Dream?

Fear of the unknown is a waste of energy, much less time and money.

Maybe you’re reading this from your comfy perch as a corporate executive, but sense something is…well, missing. Your happiness, perhaps?

Perhaps you’ve already taken tentative steps towards realizing what makes you authentically happy, but are feeling a little shaky.

Or maybe you’ve hit the eject button – or been pushed out of the nest of false security a J.O.B. offers and are plainly terrified of the unknown.

Been there. Done that. More than once.

If you have an entrepreneur’s heart, then you know discomfort is a given. No one knows the unknowable future. And every single accomplished woman business owner has had their confidence shaken. It’s why I speak often about courage.

Courage Isn’t Absence of Fear

It BUGS me when people suggest “fearlessness” is what we should aspire to. It isn’t a realistic goal. But we CAN aspire to be courageous. Courage isn’t being “fearless.” It’s proceeding in the face of fear.

Now, if you are forging headlong into the unknown thinking the Universe has got you because you’re “passionate,” remember this: you have to be on the right path for you. And you must be willing and able to do the hard co-creating work with the Universe to fulfill your dream.

So where to start, if you think your Dream Business is your destination?

“If you don’t know where you’re headed, how will you know when you get there?”

I ask my clients this question regularly. What it means is: are you clear on your destination – as you know it today – and what is your level of commitment to it? How would you answer this?

What’s Your Motivation?

Do you know what you’re great at? Does that superpower energize and propel you? That’s an important starting place. Get clear on your highest and best good.

Some people just want to get out of their current job. Fair enough! Business is not often a warm, supportive place for women, and bad managers abound. So you can get a new job, or even build your own as a contractor.

Creating a business is different. It’s actually easy to start a business. It’s a lot harder to make it successful. And it takes courage daily.

If you have a passion, and have found something that powers you, you’re lucky! If that’s not you, it doesn’t mean it will never be you. It just means you’re at a different place on your journey.

Getting Clear

Strive for clarity. Even before you become enamoured with a product or service, are you CLEAR on your priorities and what you NEED?

There are practicalities of life: mortgage payments, family responsibilities, schedules for being a mom…what’s your list include?

Then there are your needs. The need to feel productive, to feel appreciated, welcome, empowered, HAPPY, independent are super important. Write yours down, too. Ask your very best friend to mirror back to you what she thinks are your best qualities and skills (don’t show her your list ahead of time). And listen silently. No interruptions. Take notes or record it.

How does it match up with your list? The more surprises or disconnects you find, the more self-discovery you should plan for. (See our Discover Your Passions Assessment.)

When you feel like you’ve got a pretty good handle on your gifts and your needs, you’re ready to begin conceptualizing that Dream Business. If you’re waiting to be “fearless,” it’s going to be a mighty long wait.

If you’ve missed one of these important steps, it’s better to keep exploring while your basic needs are being served by a J.O.B. What if that’s not a realistic possibility? Think about an interim job or side gig to pay you for your exploration experience. But don’t skip that exploration.

Opportunities for Women Abound

We’re lucky to be women today, looking at building our Dream Business. There have never been more women starting their own business, and with technology the opportunities are plentiful! If you think this may be your path, don’t let fear sideline you.

You don’t have to go it alone. There are communities of women entrepreneurs who have “been there, done that.” And we’re waiting to share our experiences and offer a hand up.

For more about a learning community for women business owners, visit us at CEO School for Women. And if you’re still figuring out your path, Corporate Refugees has both resources and online communities for support. Our Discover Your Passions Assessment is currently on sale!

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