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CEO School for women


Learn new skills with support, accountability and fun. We offer two groups: our Emerging Growth Incubator is for women entrepreneurs whose businesses have survived startup and are moving into the growth stage; our Advanced Growth Accelerator is for women ready to expedite business growth to the next level. Now online and virtual experiences.

Business Model ONline Course

Build Your OWN Business Model

An Online DIY Course from CEO School for Women™

Join a group of women entrepreneurs to ‘Build Your Own Business Model’ from the Comfort of Your Home – When YOU have the time!

Your comprehensive business model will help you Beat the Startup Statistics and Plan Your Winning Business

NOW you don’t have to go it alone

Whether you have a brand new business idea, or you want to improve your current business, you will benefit by the clarity, focus, and flexibility you gain in establishing this model structure for your product or service.

We’ll be using a Visual Business Tool called the Business Model Canvas. WHY is the Business Model Canvas good for you?

  1. You’ll find problems EARLY
  2. It’s a manageable task to create
  3. It forces you to think through many parts of your idea
  4. MUCH simpler than a full business plan
  5. It sets a SOLID FOUNDATION to move forward with your idea
Discover Your Passions

‘Discover Your Passion’ Online Custom Assessment

This is the next step AFTER our quick quiz, Are You READY To Be An Entrepreneur?

Is your J.O.B. not cutting it? Thinking you might want to be your own boss?

Take our online assessment to discover your REAL passions, and what you are truly cut out for.

‘Discover Your Passion’ gives you a peek into your motivational insights, based upon years of experience and data from Birkman International®. We created a written report to help you begin to understand yourself better, and get a huge head start to identify what your highest and best good is.

You will receive a 20-page customized report based on your unique responses after taking our online assessment. Your report will include:

  • Your Areas of Interest
  • Your Strengths
  • Your Motivational Needs
  • Your Stress Behavior
  • Your Ideal Work Environment
  • What kind of work you are ideally suited for

Entrepreneurial VisionQuest

Do you want to escape your job to build a business that is a better fit for you, and your family, and your gifts and talents?

Do you want to move beyond uncertainty and fear, and create the life you want with a high possibility of success?

If you are just starting your journey and need to find your North Star for your ideal business we’ll explore what is important to YOU about your work, and how you can have the freedom to build a successful business you love.

3 Tools to Help You Be A Successful Corp Fugee

You Don’t Have to Go it Alone

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