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Finally, a customized Career Personality Assessment designed for you!

Thinking you want to be your own boss? Or maybe you’ve started your business or freelance gig, and wondering if it’s a good fit.

Are you really cut out to be a business owner? What contributes to your success as an entrepreneur?

STOP second-guessing yourself and wondering. You can get to the root of it, understand yourself better, and DISCOVER YOUR TRUE PASSIONS.

Not only your Passions but your STRENGTHS.

What are you really great at? And what kind of work setting do you THRIVE in?


Career Personality Profile

The best way to create a business you LOVE is to get clear on where your PASSIONS and STRENGTHS intersect.

You need a clear career assessment that is customized to YOU, not based on quick choices that force you into a box. You’re unique. Expert counseling will help guide you to success, and avoid behavioral pitfalls.

Most of us think we know about ourselves. And to a point, we do. Sometimes we’re accurate; too often we miss something that’s been there all along.

We’re just too darned close to see ourselves objectively!

Now you can have a personalized, custom 17page assessment that will help you GET CLEAR and understand where you shine.

This isn’t one of those fun “quizzes” you see everywhere online. No, this is a validated and highly respected tool created 65 years ago by a guy named Birkman, based on tested and proven psychological factors. It’s eerily accurate. And uber helpful!

Sample Report

You won’t believe the insights you can get into your behaviors and personality from a Birkman Assessment. Take a look at a Sample 17-page “Discover Your Passions” report by clicking the adjacent green button.

SPECIAL OFFER: Individual Coaching Conference

For a limited time, opt in for a one-to-one coaching call to debrief your report with Nancy Chorpenning, Corporate Fugees Founder, Master Business Coach, and a certified Birkman Consultant. Nancy has been advising executive women and entrepreneurs for over a decade.

In your call with Nancy, she will help you interpret your results, share important insights to help you understand your unique profile, and how you might put the information to best use.

CorpFugees’ DISCOVER YOUR PASSIONS (DYP) Career Personality Assessment

“Discover Your Passions” (DYP) is an abbreviated version of a 70-page, $1,000 assessment report Nancy uses with her Women Executive Coaching clients. 

You can get it now for a limited time, including a coaching session with Nancy, for just $297, versus the combo list price of $697. The report alone is $97. (Separate DYP coaching call is available later for $397; buy now and save $200!) 

Your 17-page report includes:

  • Which Activities You Enjoy Most
  • How You Relate to Others
  • Support You Need from Your Environment
  • What Happens When Your Needs Aren’t Met [STRESS]
  • Your Career Exploration Appraisal
Order Your Customized 17-page “Discover Your Passions” Assessment TODAY
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