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CEO School for Women

Because women CEOs rely on each other for
learning, accountability, encouragement, and support.

CEO School for Women

So much more than an actual “school”

CEO School for Women™ is a business growth, peer-mentoring, and coaching community for women entrepreneurs and business owners like you, who are committed to building your company, working ON your business, and eager to navigate to the next level.

CEO School is designed to stimulate the growth and success of your business.

You get practical tools, learn skills through online trainings, and meet regularly with experts and peers for instruction, sharing, accountability, and support. And FUN! Business can and should be FUN!

Whether you are focused on building your business and need some “incubating,” or scaling to build value for an exit on your own terms and accelerating into success, we have a community for you.

Yikes! Where Do I Start?

Sound like you?

  • I survived startup but I can’t seem to get traction to make it “over the hump.”
  • There is so much to do, I can’t seem to make any headway. Everything feels like a priority!
  • I feel lonely, and uncertain if I’m on the right track.
  • I’m feeling “stuck.” And overwhelmed.
  • I learn best in a group, and from “doing,” rather than just reading.
  • I could really use some encouragement, guidance, skills, accountability, and structure.

 You may qualify for our EMERGING Growth Incubator for CEO School for Women™

“The Incubator”

CEO School™
Emerging Growth Incubator 

CEO School™ Emerging Growth Incubator is designed for women whose business has survived startup and who are making the pivot to the growth stage.

 Here’s what you can learn:

  • How to choose the right business model to maximize growth
  • How to build and USE an operating business plan for accountability and metrics in your business
  • Marketing strategies that will accomplish the goals you set for your business
  • Understanding and applying key financial principles, and tools essential to smart business management
  • Basic budgeting and managing cash flow
  • Hiring and management basics
  • When and how to hire an expert

It’s normal to feel a bit lost or unsure. Real confidence begins with believing in your ability to learn and improve.

In CEO School for Women™, we’re all about developing your courageous self while sharing practical business skills, tools, and resources.

I need clarity and accountability!

Recognize yourself in any of these statements?

  • My business has been successful, and I want to scale it without tipping into overwhelm.
  • I need some expert guidance about new issues and how to balance as we grow
  • I’m worried that I’ve missed the boat on specific skills to run my business well, and I’m frankly embarrassed
  • I’m beginning to think about my “end game” and how I can set my company up for a successful exit on my own terms and timetable.

Check out our CEO School™
Advanced Growth Accelerator

“The Accelerator”

CEO School™
Advanced Growth Accelerator

CEO School™ Advanced Growth Accelerator is designed for women who want to focus on scaling their business to the next level. FOCUS and ACCOUNTABILITY will be priorities, and we will emphasize strong financial skill building and applications. It is for those who need to know about exit strategies and how to grow their business so it will be ready when they’re ready.

The program is appropriate for parallel and serial entrepreneurs, as many of our participants are managing more than one business.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to create and use your operating business plan for accountability and metrics in your business
  • How to hire slowly and fire quickly (and manage employees in-between!)
  • Understanding and applying key financial principles and tools essential to smart business management
  • Marketing strategies will accomplish goals you set for your business
  • Budgeting, forecasting, and managing cash flow

Authentic confidence begins with believing in your ability to learn and improve. We are all about developing your courageous-self while sharing practical business skills, tools, and resources.


Developed by Women for Women

Our underlying principles are Structure, experience, practicality, and support.

FUN is another key principle. We can all use a little more fun in our lives, and who better than our sisters to understand, and to laugh and play with!

And we like WINE. 🍷  It’s an important lubricant for our hard work.

Led by a veteran business advisor and coach, plus an exceptional faculty of experts, each class provides lessons you can apply to your business today, and that will serve you over the long haul as your business grows. 

Accessible 24/7 to Fit Your Life

We’re becoming virtual and asynchronous in 2018 to accommodate your schedule! We serve up our practical curriculum online so you can dip in when your schedule allows.

And we hold our video conferences and virtual MasterMind Circles at the same time each month so you can anticipate them in your calendar. Because life happens, those are recorded in case you must miss one, and placed in your customized secured online portal.

Useful NOW

Rather than rival graduate business schools, our curriculum is PRACTICAL, based on actual entrepreneurial experiences.

CEO School™ is designed for busy women like you, who want to implement and benefit from their new learnings immediately.

…and Later

Unlike a lot of programs out there, we focus on teaching you skills that last a lifetime and grow as your business grows.

CEO School for Women

Do I Qualify?

Do you own your own business? If so, you might qualify! (If you’re still an aspiring entrepreneur, check out our programs for you at Corporate Fugees)

Have you survived startup and have a positive cash flow? If so, you might qualify!

Are you ready to put in some hard work to make your business stronger? If so, you might qualify!

Do you have reliable access to the Internet? That will be important. We’ve moved online!

Your Next Steps
  1. Submit an application by clicking the button below

  2. Schedule a phone interview with Nancy Chorpenning, Founder and Executive Director

  3. Make a commitment to change your business!

CEO School for Women™ is a high-touch Business Growth and Coaching Community exclusively for women business owners who learn skills online through course offerings and meet regularly with peers and experts for sharing and support

Nancy Chorpenning

Meet Nancy Chorpenning

Founder and Executive Director

Hi! When I started my business 12 years ago, even the experiences of being a corporate executive and attending one of the top business schools in the US didn’t prepare me for the challenges I was about to encounter as a business owner.
And I couldn’t find any single place to learn what I needed to know.
A lot of it was “touchy-feely” and didn’t provide practical skills that I could use. Much of it was trying to sell me something that I really didn’t need or want. And none of it attracted the kind of serious business-minded women who — don’t get me wrong! — LOVE to have fun but who really want to buckle down and work, too. And find ways for work to BE fun!
So I built CEO School for Women™.
We’ve operated in person for the past three years. The time challenges of busy women owners convinced me to break our material into “bite-sized chunks,” and accessible when YOU have the time. More “touches” during the month make for a more responsive experience that can have an immediate impact as you implement new learning today. Technology has solutions that we need to be using!
My idea for the name “CEO School” came from an interview with Steve Ballmer (former CEO of Microsoft) who said “there is no CEO School.” He told how he had to create his own community of fellow CEOs to learn from. What we’re doing is decidedly different. But then, we’re women, and we ARE different than our male counterparts.
CEO School for Women™ is what I needed when I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey. I know you’ll find something here that you’re looking for, too!


Nancy Chorpenning

P.S. If you click on my smiling mug above, you can see my LinkedIn profile and all the places I’ve been that allow me to share with you my deep and practiced business expertise!

Praise for Nancy from Women Entrepreneurs

“I have been so fortunate to work with Nancy as she facilitated our CEO Roundtable. Nancy’s ability to understand business concepts and then put them into real world context makes her an invaluable resource. She has the ability to introduce new ways of looking at things and challenge your thinking while keeping you feeling empowered.”

“Her breadth of experience and network allows her to bring expertise to business owners when it is most needed and provides an endorsement that ensures confidence and enables you to move forward.”

“I most value Nancy’s ability to ask the tough questions and help you come to your own solutions with her wisdom and guidance. She is truly a consummate professional and valued business advisor.”

Lissa Versteegh

President & CEO, Georgia Sales Development

“Nancy has challenged me to look deeper into business issues with ideas to grow my company with strategic, as well as tactical solutions. Her leadership always kept our group on track when discussing solutions to business issues.”

“As a business owner, I used to discuss business issues with employees and/or my spouse. Nancy’s leadership has allowed me to discuss strategic matters with other business owners. I highly value Nancy Chorpenning’s business acumen.”

Lillian DeAngelo

President, Proforma Custom Business Services

“I met Nancy around the time my business turned 7 years old. I knew it was time for a change, but I was too close to it to be objective. Nancy objectively, expertly, professionally yet gently led me through the change process I needed to navigate.”

“She took the time to understand my goals and our brand essence and then took me through the steps I needed to take to set a plan for growth. She broke down a complex process into manageable steps that resulted in success. And, she connected me with professional resources I needed but didn’t have access to previously.”

“With Nancy’s support and guidance, our agency survived through the economic downturn and is now experiencing exponential growth!”

Mollye Rhea

President and Founder, ForMomentum


Here’s What’s Included in Your Tuition

CEO School™ Emerging Growth Class is a Business Growth Program exclusively for women business owners who meet virtually twice or three times a month. With or without wine…

CEO School FAQs

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