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Without Losing Your Mind,
Even If You Feel STUCK Today

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Starting a business is easy. Making it successful is not. Most of us start our business from our passion. But we quickly discover there are things about running our business that SURPRISE us. We may feel anxious or insecure about our abilities to manage. How do you know what's most important, and whether it requires bringing in an expert? CEO School equips you to make the right decisions for your business.


Through a combination of skill-building, virtual live coaching, and peer-mentoring, plus in-person intensives for up-close personal attention, you can take the reins and feel CONFIDENT in your abilities to manage your business operations. And it's totally economical, even if you can't afford your own private business coach yet.


More than half of small businesses fail before year 3. You can BE DIFFERENT! Are you committed to continual learning? At CEO School, you will learn the skills you need to manage the RIGHT business issues, led by a Master Business Coach with a faculty of other badass women expertsOur expert faculty have been where you sit, and understand what you need to be successful. 


Whether you're an experienced businesswoman, or new to business ownership, we've got you covered. All our information is presented from the perspective of an OWNER. Practicality is the top priority. We will work ON your business with skills you can apply for a lifetime. Then you will be ready to work IN your business intelligently. And you'll learn from sisters who truly want you to succeed. 

Because Women CEOs rely on each other for learning, accountability, encouragement, and support.

Is CEO School Right for You?

Do you recognize yourself in any of these statements?


  • I survived startup but I can’t seem to get traction to make it “over the hump.”
  • There is so much to do, I can’t seem to make any headway. Everything feels like a priority!
  • I feel lonely, and uncertain if I’m on the right track.
  • I’m feeling “stuck.” And overwhelmed. I don't know which way to turn with so much on my plate.
  • I’m worried that I’ve missed the boat on specific skills to run my business well, and I’m frankly embarrassed.
  • I learn best in a group, and from “doing,” rather than just reading.


  • I am satisfied with the way my business is running today. I don't want it to grow any more​.
  • I don't care if technology and additional skills would help my company grow and expand. I hate tech.
  • I can do everything myself...
  • ​I know what I need to do in my business; I'm just not doing it.
  • My Advisory Council is already providing me the feedback and support I need.
  • I don't have time to work ON my business; I'm too busy working IN my business.
CEO School for Women
CEO School for Women

A Learning Community
Dedicated to Your Success

​Get a Grip on Your Business!

Overwhelm is the most common complaint of business owners. Which problems to tackle first, how to prioritize, time management best practices, effective decision-making...CEO School covers all this and so much more.

CEO School
Increase Your Success

Save time and $$ by creating and testing your business model with a Minimum Viable Product, Value Proposition, and Customer Personas. NO OTHER PROGRAM TEACHES THIS.

CEO School
​Serious About Business

​CEO School may not be a "school" in the conventional sense, but we are serious about our businesses. At the same time, we enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded women, even with an occasional glass of vino!

Skills That Last a Lifetime

Foundations are essential to build and grow every business. You will ​gain planning skills for every stage of your business, including long-range strategic planning and operational planning.

Build Authentic Confidence

Your business success depends on your commitment and confidence to lead. CEO School equips you to be an effective advocate for your company, gaining belief in your abilities in the process.

Access to Experts

​NO ONE is an expert at everything. We introduce ​proven, ​talented women experts to help you ​delve deeper into legal ​matters, marketing, finance, all the issues that can create headaches. ​​

Welcome, fellow Entrepreneurs!

When I started my business 12 years ago, even my experiences of having been a Fortune 500 corporate executive (Time Warner & WebMD) and having attended one of the top business schools in the US didn’t prepare me for the challenges I was about to encounter as a business owner.

And I couldn’t find a single place to learn what I needed to know.

A lot of the online offerings were “touchy-feely” and didn’t provide practical business skills that I could use. Much of ​them were trying to sell me something that I really didn’t need or want.

And none of it attracted my kind of serious business-minded women who — don’t get me wrong! — LOVE to have fun but who really want to buckle down and work, too. And find ways for work to BE fun!

So I built CEO School for Women™.

We’ve operated in-person since 2014. The skills members gained and relationships they formed have had material impacts on their businesses, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars growth and savings. And deep relationships have formed. 

Now, we're moving online.

The time challenges of busy women owners convinced me to break our learning modules into “bite-sized chunks,” and make it 24/7 time-accessible for when YOU have the time. 

Technology has some cool solutions that we will be using! Multiple “touches” during the month make for an interactive experience that has immediate impact as you implement new learnings

You'll be part of a confidential community of wise women entrepreneurs from whom you'll learn and share your wisdom. And you'll get the benefit of being guided by a business advisor and coach, without the expense.

CEO School for Women™ is what I needed when I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey. I'm confident you’ll find something here that you’re looking for, too.

You don't have to go it alone!


P.S. If you're curious about where I've been and what I bring to support you as an entrepreneur, click on my mugshot to see my LinkedIn profile.

​Meet Our Founder
Nancy Chorpenning
Nancy Chorpenning
Founder & Executive Director
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

What Women are Saying...

Diane Myer

Working ON Your Business...

“Learning to create a successful business, not just another job disguised as your own business, might have been one of the most important lessons from Nancy and the CEO School program. 

"Nancy helped me to focus on my business, even as I was starting out and feeling very overwhelmed. She taught me techniques and processes that allowed me to see the bigger picture. 

"My business grew from just myself to a team of 6 people in less than year, and having the support of other women who were going through the same thing made ALL the difference. I could let my guard down, ask for help, and have a circle of women who truly understood the effort it takes to succeed. Thank you, Nancy, for coaching me on how to work ON my business and not only IN it."

Diane Myer
CEO, icre8t

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Jennifer McKenna

Strategic, Practical, Empathetic

"In one session, she’ll get to the root of my issue, provide me with invaluable insight and recommendations, offer up referrals for other resources and hold me accountable to healthy doses of self-care so that I can maintain the course. 

"Her wisdom is vast, her compassion runs deep, and her knowledge is priceless. If you haven’t done so yet, hire her!!"

Jennifer McKenna
CEO, JMac Consulting

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Judith Montier

Learn, empower, support...

So glad to be a part of the Tribe! Thank you, Nancy, for creating a space where professional women who are pursuing their dreams of careers that feed our souls as well as our pocketbooks, can come together, learn from, empower and support each other."
Judith Montier
COO, Chez Montier

Mollye Rhea

Change Isn't Easy . . .

"Change isn't easy, but Nancy broke down the overwhelming process into manageable chunks. We have made great progress with Nancy's leadership and I look forward to continuing our process."
Mollye Rhea
President, ForMomentum

Lauren Longo
Lillian DeAngelo
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Building a Business Is a Lonely Endeavor

"Building a business is a lonely endeavor, and Nancy’s support has helped keep me going on many occasions. It’s so nice to have someone I can call when I’m discouraged or unsure of my next step.
"Nancy always has my back and reminds me why I’m doing all of this. And often she’s the one who asks just the right question to get me thinking in a new direction and get me over a hurdle.

"Everyone needs a cheerleader, and having one with the business chops to also help you steer your business is a beautiful thing!”

Lauren Longo
CEO, TechSymphonic & BabyLogger

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Look Deeper - Strategic and Tactical

“As a business owner, I used to discuss business issues with employees and/or my spouse. Nancy’s leadership has allowed me to discuss strategic matters with other business owners. I highly value Nancy Chorpenning’s business acumen.

Lillian DeAngeloPresident, ProForma

What You Get

There are 6+ learning modules in every 12-week term, plus trainings in financial matters for Owners . You will get an emailed notice to check into your private online portal every 1-2 weeks. All the content in the portal is available to you as long as you are enrolled.

​In addition to video learning modules, you will find tools, reading assignments, checklists, and various templates in your portal to put to use in your business right away. VIdeo conference recordings will reside there.

CEO School for Women offers periodic deep-dive, focused workshops and intensive trainings. Some programs are virtual and others are in-person in Atlanta. 


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CEO School 

CEO school
  • 24/7 learning module access in private online portal
  • 12 weeks per term
  • Same curriculum as Emerging
  • Low structure - customize to fit your needs
  • 100%  guarantee

Emerging Business Incubator

CEO School
  • Full year curriculum - 12 week commitment
  • 24/7 learning module access in private online portal
  • ​PLUS Regular Video Conferences
  • Exclusive Bonus content
  • Discounted workshops
  • 100%  guarantee

Growing Business Accelerator

CEO School
  • Full Year Curriculum - 6 month commitment
  • Regular 1:1 & Group Coaching 
  • 24/7 learning module access in private online portal
  • Exclusive Bonus content
  • Free Graduation Retreat
  • Lifetime access with on-demand download
  • 100% guarantee

No Questions Asked Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should you discover that CEO School for Women™ is not right for you within the first 14 days of joining, we will refund 100% of your payment and cancel your subscription, no questions asked.

Your FAST ACTION Bonuses

Access to our Private Facebook Community

Strictly for peers in the CEO School program, this is where you will find generous participation with other woman business owners. It is confidential, immediate, and people share their experiences and learn from their peers.


Q & A Content Review 

Video Conferences

Bring your questions about the learning modules to our regular Question & Answer Video Conferences. You may submit them ahead of time, especially if you can't join live.


Conquering Fear of Finance 

Too many women entrepreneurs abdicate their business financial decisions from fear and lack of skills. This simple course gives you the information and confidence you need to manage both your business and any experts you hire in this area. This is a concurrent online course that Emerging Business Incubator members will receive on top of the foundational curriculum.


Free Bonus Report

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Why should I buy this course instead of [competitor's]?

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