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CEO School for Women™
Emerging Growth Incubator

Regularly $432/month
NOW $259/month

  • I am excited to learn the foundational skills that will allow me to lead my business and build it into the Business I LOVE!
  • I want to learn more about clarifying my Dream, defining my Value Proposition, establishing a Business Model that works, understanding Financial Principles that every Business Owner needs, get clear on Marketing Strategies and Tactics, and implementing Sales Techniques that work! 
  • I will have 24/7 access to a new interactive, online learning module every 2 weeks, beginning January 21, 2018, including in-depth video skill training, readings, self-assessments, and resources for further study.
  • I will have access to a virtual private online community, where I can seek support from my peers and feedback on my business challenges. 
  • Every month, there will be 2 live video conferences: one to answer questions about coursework, and the other for Office Hours with Nancy, where I can bring business questions about my work for discussion and coaching.
  • I will be eligible for discounts on both virtual and in-person workshops and retreats. 
  • My subscription will be charged monthly for each 12-week term, continuing until I unsubscribe in writing, or update my subscription to a different level
CEO School Emerging Growth Incubator

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CEO School Guarantee

We offer a 100% MONEY-BACK Guarantee. 

if you discover anytime during your first 14 days that CEO School is NOT for you - and it isn’t right for everyone! - we’ll refund your entire payment with no questions asked.

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