Your Business Model Canvas Download

Here is a link to the Business Model Canvas that you may download and print as necessary.

HINT: Print this as large as possible to make it useable with sticky notes.
If you’re interested in a wall-sized tool, please contact BMC@CEOSchools.com

Your Business Model Canvas Videos

Please watch all 6 videos. And then watch them again.

They are super short — each one is between 2 – 4 minutes.

If you do this before you dip into the tool, it will make using the Canvas easier.

Then, watch them again, looking at your canvas.

#1 of 6: Getting From Business Idea to Business Model

#2 of 6: Visualizing Your Business Model

#3 of 6: Prototyping

#4 of 6: Navigating Your Environment

#5 of 6: Proving It

#6 of 6: Telling Your Story

Value Proposition Canvas

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