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We use The Birkman Method® through C-Suite Advisors, our corporate parent company. It is a time-tested and validated assessment tool that is invaluable in coaching. It is the only tool that combines motivational, behavioral and interest evaluations into a single assessment.

The Birkman Method® offers several levels of report, from a 10-page custom report about your strengths and challenges, to an in-depth workbook that helps you understand your behavioral needs and how to manage under stress as an entrepreneur.

All the reports are designed to be used with a coach, but you may use the first report with a business partner or trusted advisor.

What Can The Birkman Method® Do?

  • Helps you better understand yourself and the people with whom you work
  • Identifies strengths, needs, interests and preferred work styles
  • Facilitates leadership development, team building, and interpersonal conflict resolution
  • Assists with stress management and balance between professional and personal needs

Sample Reports

Birkman® OnDemand 










CLICK the image to download a Birkman® OnDemand sample report.Discover Your Passions SAMPLE Report


Price $99.97

With Certified Coaching (60 Min) $299.97

Birkman® Career Management PLUS

Birkman® Basics

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