Am I an Entrepreneur, or a Nontrepreneur?

These days it seems everyone is an entrepreneur. We no longer use the more accurate phrases like “business owner” or “self-employed” or even “contractor.” Somehow “entrepreneur” sounds so much cooler.

Entrepreneurship IS

When you speak to an actual, real-life entrepreneur, you find THEY know what the word means. It means you are NOT risk-averse. It means you have boundless energy and curiosity and passion. It means you are willing to do whatever it takes to keep your baby going, whether that means staying up all night to finish an important pitch deck, or attending networking events 4 or 5 nights a week, or maxing out your credit cards and going to friends and family for funding to keep you rolling. It means you thrive on work, to a fault, and are not constrained by clocks or calendars.

Entrepreneurship is NOT

It does NOT mean you have more time to spend with your kids. Nor weekends to play golf. Nor taking long vacations whenever you wish. Nor having no one to account to. It doesn’t mean quitting your job in a swivet and “consulting” until you get another gig.

Women are starting businesses at a clip faster than ever. And women of color are starting faster than any other demographic. Are we all entrepreneurs? No, we’re not. Sometimes we’re just trying to regain a semblance of control over the many plates spinning all at once in our lives, in and outside of business.

Startup Failure Rate

You may have heard the lousy success rate for startup business. It’s something like 50% fail before reaching Year 4. If you don’t have the stomach and discipline for risk and planning, you may want to stick in that “safe” job. If your needs are modest and you’re not looking to build something for the long term, you may want to be a contract worker. Those are valid choices! I see too many people jump ship from their jobs with no plan in mind, and burn through retirement savings before realizing they really are not cut out for being a business owner OR an entrepreneur.

I Want To See You Succeed

There are too many people following someone else’s dream. I want you to find yours. And I want you to succeed! It starts with self-knowledge. Are you cut out for this?  If you think the answer is “yes,” does it make sense to confirm this before it’s your only option?

A quick way to get a picture of your chances for success is to take my fun quiz, “Are You Ready to Be an Entrepreneur?” It’s free and it takes just a few minutes. You’ll get some helpful quick answers and ideas of next steps on your way to success.

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